Saturday, August 30, 2008

Marion Ridge (IL) Landfill Factsheet

Marion Ridge Landfill Fact Sheet

Ø Land acquired in 1990 by Mr. William Kibler.

Ø Marion Ridge Landfill permit applied for in 1992 by Mr. William Kibler.

Ø Permit granted in 1994 by Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.

Ø Landfill sold in 2002 to Monticello Investments, with Mr. Kibler maintaining an economic interest.

Ø Marion Ridge Landfill is 187 acres set on 355 acres of land in a former strip mine.

Ø Marion Ridge will generate revenue for Williamson County through tipping fees and hauling savings for contractors and other groups that will benefit from its convenient location.

Ø The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has approved the site for use as construction waste, including demolition debris and waste from construction in the City of Marion, as well as in other municipalities in Williamson County.

Ø The Illinois Pollution Control Board said that Marion Ridge would have no negative effect on the Williamson County Airport.

Ø All appropriate government agencies, including the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the have said that Marion Ridge complies with all appropriate laws to begin operations.

Ø Currently, Marion Ridge, by law, may not accept Municipal Solid Waste (MSW, garbage).

Ø Marion Ridge will have no negative effect on the environment surrounding it due to strict state and federal regulations regarding waste. x x x

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